Back up over WiFI

Trying to back up my kids iPhones over Wifi takes forever…how long should it typically take?

Hi @Jared_Albright! Sorry to hear you are having some issues! :pensive: After install of the iOS Bark Desktop app, backups should happen automatically & wirelessly about every 6 hours when your child’s device is home and on the same WiFi network as your powered on PC/Mac with the Bark desktop program running (recommended daily). The easiest way to tell if the Bark Desktop App is in the backing up phase is by the symbol to the right of the device: it’s a spinning wheel.

Several things can occur that may delay the backup process, including the device leaving the same WiFi network as your computer, the lack of storage space on your computer or on your child’s device, or possibly another app conflicting with the Bark Desktop App’s ability to perform a backup. Here are some steps to see if any of these are a factor.

Please reach out to our support team if you have any questions or are still experiencing issues! They’ll be happy to walk you through it! We’re here for you! :nerd_face: