Are you monitoring Discord with Bark?

My son has an apple phone and is using Discord on it. I keep getting an error message that Bark can only monitor Discord for Android devices. Is that true?

Hello, @Angie_Moore! I am with the Bark team and happy to answer. :slight_smile: On Discord, Bark will monitor the direct messages (text chat only) on private conversations between one or multiple users on Androids only. Discord does not have its API open to grant access to their data, and when combined with iOS’s strict privacy, iOS monitoring of Discord is not currently possible. Bark is able to monitor this on Androids with the installed Bark for Kids Android app (which iOS does not permit), because Androids are more open-source and third party friendly compared to Apple. Bark is continually pushing to be able to access Discord on iOS.

Here’s a detailed list of all that we monitor:

In the meantime, we hope that you find this information for parents on Discord helpful. Please let us know how else we may help by emailing Bark support at any time. Thank you, @Angie_Moore! :slight_smile:

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