Are my alerts working?

I do have a question. I just signed up my daughter because we have found she had so many social media accounts we didn’t know about and was posting things we were upset to find. I also discovered she has given her number out. From what I read y’all can see even deleted messages and ones on her phone. Well, my concern is I haven’t been notified about any text. And I snooped tonight and found A LOT of alarming text from one person to her who is pretending to be a child it seems. Why haven’t I been notified about this. The point is I don’t have to snoop and break trust. Please help me figure out why I am not being alerted.

Hi @ ezpzsweetie! Welcome to the Bark Family! We appreciate your support and trust and are happy to be of help to your family! :orange_heart:

As far as alerts, Bark monitors different devices and different accounts in different ways. When a device is first connected, it scans back 60 days (this can take some time, especially if there’s a lot of data).

Androids can be monitored all day, in real-time from anywhere, as long as there is a connection to data & / or WiFi.

iOS device monitoring is a bit different than Android, in that it relies on the automatic WiFi backups (about every 6 hours) whenever your child and their devices are home and on the same WiFi network as your powered on PC/Mac with the Bark Desktop program running (recommended daily). As soon as new data is uploaded to Bark to analyze, a small amount of time is needed to process that data, and then soon after, return results to you.

Any other email and social media accounts are monitored at the account level by connecting the accounts with your child’s login credentials, and if iOS, no backup is required.

In many cases, we are able to analyze deleted text messages. On Android, we monitor text messages, including most deleted ones. On iOS, we are also able to monitor most deleted texts; however, since we rely on getting data from backups on iOS, if a deleted text is not available in the iOS backup, we would not be able to see that. This possibility can be minimized if the device backs up daily.

Hope that helps explain! Feel free to message our support team directly for install, setup, or account questions. We’re here for you! >> or