Apps in addition to Bark

My 12 year old has an iPhone and we just got done setting up Bark tonight. Other than the screen time feature built into iOS, what else do you use with Bark? I’d like something that allows me to control screen time a bit more closely, for instance two different downtimes in the same day. Also, I’m gathering there are no Tik Tok or Snapchat monitoring options out there still?

I have an 11 year old. We don’t have Tik Tok but I do get Snapchat alerts from my son’s Samsung. I’ll get a snippet of the conversation. I get YouTube alerts (I found out he was subscribed to 150 channels!) , google chat, and inappropriate songs he listened to from Spotify. They also give you alerts if account activity had changed. Like If they set up another account.


Correct - on iOS, nothing touches the content inside of those apps. Interestingly, TikTok has the strongest in-app parental content controls of any of the big 3 (Snap, TT, IG). There are some things you can do to teach Snap’s algorithm what you do and don’t want to be served. You can check out TikTok’s parental controls here: A super comprehensive Snapchat guides is here: Best to you!


If you both have iphones you have the option to monitor the time on the phone. You can also read all texts. I would stay away from certain media until they’re older. Too hard to monitor all of them.

How do you read all texts on iPhone?

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I have Bark, Google Family (which is good for setting bedtimes and screen limits) I’ve had MM Guardian in the past but it is really annoying to use…Now I use Bark and Webwatchers. With Webwatchers I can see everything from text, conversations on Insta and even pics and screen shots my 13 year old daughter has saved. Bark gives me the alert and if I need more than the snippet then I go on to webwatchers! Bark saves me tons of time or I would be looking though tons of text and it would be a waste of time, but Webwatchers also watches Tik Tok, Snap, FB, Youtube and FB but I block all those apps through Google Family. Hope that helps!

I assume you’re on Android?

Yes, Sorry I didn’t mention that.

I found that it was extremely difficult to monitor on an apple product. I bought him an android and he made the switch. I can now monitor his activities on his phone much better. I even get much mire timely alerts. Apple won’t allow you to monitor their products. Booo apple!!