Apple Screen Time Issues Anyone?

Is anyone else having random issues with Apple Screen Time just not working at all? I’ve just noticed it over the last few days, but none of our limits are working most of the time. I can set the time limits up myself and have her phone in my other hand and it literally never registers that there is a limit at all. And, yes - I am using a passcode and we have “block at downtime” and “block at end of limit” turned on everywhere. The only thing I’ve found that “fixes” it is to turn of screen time completely and turn it back on and set everything back up from scratch but that fix only works for about a day and then it stops blocking everything again. So frustrating! I thought Apple was supposed to be easier to use than Android? I’m finding everything to be so buggy!

I haven’t noticed our Screen Time having any issues on our 2 iPhones. I’ll have to double check when my kids get in from school to make sure! I’m sure you’ve done this, but check all phones for updates and try rebooting? Next suggestion would be to contact Apple support. I really like iOS Screen Time; I hope you’re able to get this resolved!

When we briefly experienced similar, an iOS update and reboot was the quick fix. Sometimes all it takes is a reboot. Also, check and close out all the apps that are running. Sometimes things hang up in an app and that can interfere with other settings/functions. (I recently discovered an issue between Spotify and my alarm function!)