Anyone else struggling being homeschool parents through this virus?

School for hours is fine but being home and doing online work is like Im such an abusive mother! How can I get them more excited to do their google classroom?

Right. There. With. You. Homeschooling and working from home full time is not feasible.


:raising_hand_woman: Also working FT from home with a tween & teen here, going on week 5. #thestruggle

I’ve tried to motivate mine by getting us out of the “procrastination funk”. I’ve explained if they get their school stuff and (minimal home “chores”) done early, I really don’t care what they do for the rest of the day! **OK- disclaimer- when it comes to gaming and video watching screen time, I do make them take breaks to go outside for a bit or something else to unplug, so its a balance.

I find I do less nagging (bonus for them!) when we get things done early. We all get to relax a bit more which we all enjoy. Realistically, we aren’t spending more than about 3 hours a day on school. So we wake up, eat, brush, then hop to the school stuff in the morning. If they want to take a 15 minute break that’s fine. Then they get back to the school stuff. They know if they give it good effort and wrap it up, then they get to play. Like I said after an hour of “play” screen time, I ask them to break and do one small helpful thing, or go outside, walk the dog, go ride bike with me, etc. Then we keep revolving screen time, outside, small helpful chore, screen time, etc.

If for some reason they push back or do not get their school / responsibilities done first, then I have to scoop up all the remotes & devices and remove that until they get with it. It’s not perfect, but that’s what is mostly working for us right now.

I’ve also tried to give them a workspace to help them get excited- whether that be a fun chair, new earphones, new desk decor, new computer mouse / mouse pad, etc. We do a lot of “let’s make a deal”! (haha).

In the past, I’ve also resorted to offering a reward gift or even a monetary prize goal for work / grades completed. Maybe it could be they earn something of theirs that is their favorite (whatever their “currency” is). So if their currency IS screen time / video games, then completing ___ school work = earning that prize. Or they get to pick what’s for dinner that night. Or download a new digital movie. Or maybe pick a new outdoor sports toy / equipment / board game to order on Amazon.

Also, I think I had to relax a bit. I was panicking and nagging them to do the work at first, then I realized that if I just gave gentle reminders and then backed off, they seemed to get it done. I let them know that if they showed initiative and got things done responsibly, then I would back off and relax, too, and of course they like that. I read somewhere recently about: what are our kids going to remember during this historic time? What really matters most about this time with them?
We are fortunate enough that our district is not counting any grades earned negatively against us. Hopefully yours is doing the same? If so, try not to sweat the schoolwork and just take one day at a time.

Hugs, and you are NOT alone! :yellow_heart:


OH, this moma is definitely feeling this question ! Yes, it is a huge adjustment. My 13 year old seems to be handling it pretty well… it’s me ! I’m the problem !!!


I’m feeling overwhelmed with it all. Teachers have always been incredible but you really see how valuable they are when you have to put yourself in their shoes. I’m sending my child’s teacher to the spa when all this is over! :blue_heart:


As a mom who homeschooled for 7 years (with no formal teacher training), I guess I’ve had a slight advantage as to organizing, grouping, and scheduling distance learning related work assignments into one. Pretty sure it took all of those 7 years for me to get to that point.:crazy_face: I was not excited to go back to that life. I also work full-time from home, but I schedule my kiddos school work around that schedule. I simply emailed the teacher and said, “this is what we can do.” Sit down and create a schedule that works for each individual kid. For instance, my high schooler likes to sleep, so she opted to do her work late afternoon/early evening. I work the elementary school work in between everything else- and thank goodness that kid just goes with the flow. Thankfully, our school district and the teachers have stepped up and constantly been adapting.

But the struggle is real. It’s a lot, on top of all the unknowns in the world around us. All this just means that other things around the house just don’t get done. Either because there isn’t enough time in the day, or I just don’t want to do it. (My sanity is at stake.) And it’s okay to give yourself this grace. Prioritize and let things fall off the bottom of the list. What I can offer is that your kiddos will be okay. Take a deep breath and apply grace- daily.


I have an 11 year old sleeper in the house and he is grumpy when he gets up. The idea was for him to start school work around 10 but no matter what I do it’s usually not until 11. The teachers have organized the work really well with weekly assignments. All due on Friday. He can do one subject a day or split it up. The specials ( art, music, PE, etc) have assignment that are due every 2 week.

I have also found the more I nag, the slower he is. I ask specific questions (because I know the assignments) every once in a while and that seems ok. We allow social time after normal school hours. He FaceTimes with friends and sometimes plays games with the. But that is limited. We have a new puppy so he takes him for walks and plays with him in the back yard.

It’s hard, different, difficult, and often somewhat depressing…for everyone. But if we all stay the course the this virus will go away hopes for good and we can move on with our lives of just dealing with “play” time monitoring!!


Homeschooling is definitely character building for all. Life goes so fast. Try to take a deep breath and enjoy even the chaos. Someone told me once they become tweens we are to be like coaches and encourage them within the rules. Hang in there. We can do this!


The struggle is real. My 11 yo daughter is personally offended and angry if I even bring up the subject of homework. We fight and argue every time because she wants zero help or advice.


Here is a resource that can help: I led a series of webinars on this very topic. Please check it out! I shared ideas on creating a reasonable schedule, managing chores, etc. I have 7 kids, have homeschooled for 20 years, and have worked part-time professionally for the past 8 years. This is not a sales pitch of any kind, this is just my way to pay it forward and help people figure this out. I don’t promise to have all the answers (not by a mile) but what I CAN do is help everyone ask all the right questions. I would also say that anonymous 53 above who contacted her school and said, “This is what we can do” has a great idea. You have to figure out what works for YOUR unique situation–and you CAN do that! it does not have to involve lots of arguing or hours upon hours every day of your kids doing online learning. Check out all the tips at


Forgot to add the one thing. I have Bark motoring my son’s devices. It is the only thing I don’t have to worry about! Especially during the crazy we are going through as parents trying to be substitute teachers. Bark gives me one thing, to keep my peace of mind. Because I know it is helping me as a parent keep my son safer in all of life’s chaos.


Oh yes I am in the trenches… I have fired myself, quit, walk out the door, only to remember, opps! nowhere to run, turn back around and re-hired myself daily!! I have went overboard a few times… Not like Goldie hawn, she was funny and that that was funny! I have tied the bungee cords on both ankles and just make a Thelma and Louise run for it, right off the edge!! Then I have to be careful on the bounce back, The landing is a bit tricky… Haha…

My oh so tween, son who is an ADHD, 7th grader and turned 13 during this online homeschool venture. I have just realized my child became teenager overnight instantly in a year not over a gradual two-three year timeframe. Lately, I have been very willing to take my son up to the empty school, leave him to walk around bored in an empty school without his computer or phone. Then see how fast he wants to come home to get back to his online classworks. But I know if he finds the library empty and all left all to himself, when he will find books to disappear into and we never get him out of find him as he jumps from book to book.

I felt part of the zombie apocalypse or the night of the walking dead. Sleep for me was just gone for like 2-3 weeks. Our schedule is finally back to earlier start times which helps. The house “comfortably” is a “national disaster” of its own, per mine opinion, nope hubby and son think so too… But really, since no one is coming over. who cares! I can say with full certainly I have lost my sanity… it just too a vacation without me. Only thing keep me going… My secret daydream/fantasy, of a having cleaning company come to deep clean my whole house, windows too. With Mr Clean as the supervisor!! Never gonna happen. Maybe someday, I will get around to hire a cleaning company, when all our business become essential work again.

Meanwhile, during the in between moments of free-self-employment-as-a-substitute-teacher. Being on restriction to work, remaining sheltered at home juggling every call and billing option to defer, delay or stagger everything for my small business. . I’m working to manage and save my salon suite business of 16 years. I have been closed since 3/15/20. The Salon Suite management locked down our building restricting all access. As a suite owner and an independent contractor, my position has been behind the curve for approvals on unemployment, SBA loans and grants;to be included per my gig-self-employment status. The SBA loan funding ran out the day, I was finally able sign up for unemployment. First time in a month the website site opened. First time in life filing for unemployment in 30 years of work history. Today, with the new State Orders salons are still closed for services but salons are now allowed to bring home retail products to provided pickup, delivery, or ship to our customers. Nice but it will take a month or to two before salon’s are allowed to reopen, so maybe by June.

So yeas I am handling everything with the grace of a perfectly insane crazy women, running after anything with my scissors, giving blood, sweat, tears, and angry popcorn explosions, along with mom godzilla showing up occasionally. The popcorn mess is really fun just a pain to clean up… Again did I mention Mr Clean? Yup, up again meds not kicking in… writing this mile long read so I can share my parent rant… Thanks for reading if you made it this far!! Passing out “Virtual Insanity Stickers” “We Survived Ourselves!!” no funding for real ones… so grab yours while the last… you know how things are now day here then gone the next!! i.e TP, Paper Towels, hair color… just gone-baby-gone!! So off with me too… /Cheers to all of us parents who are kickin’ theirs oops, our arse’s and forgeting whose name were suppost to take, it’s i have 3 new family members on the list that even confuse me there only 3 of in this house, and that is not including the pets on the list… Alright!! Cheerio!! Do what you do best every day… just be you! It is always enough!!

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Tell them its either that or school al summer :man_shrugging:t2:


My daughter has been wonderful. I picked up a packet from the school for her and she told me she had already started hers online. My boys are different , I had to bribe them with snacks of their choice to do their work and correctly. My boys are in high school and I have no clue on getting their work to their teachers but my daughter is in middle school and I’m loving google classroom. I wish all schools would do this.

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I have an almost 15 year old daughter and an 11 year old son. Both the kids love doing school at home! I am currently laid off due to covid but I usually work nights anyways. They have been asking for a few months before this started to be homeschooled, and we will most likely make the actual switch this next school year to We wake up at 8, ha e breakfast, then they spend as much time to get their school work done that’s needed then they spend the rest of the day doing whatever they want. Grades have gone up drastically for our son, due to him be distracted by other kids no longer distracting or bullying him anymore at school. We couldn’t be happier with how it’s going and how much it makes the kids enjoy school!

I’m a teacher and I’m struggling with homeschooling my teenager. Virtual teaching isn’t how I like to educate my students. It takes the joys out of teaching for me. Finding joys through virtual teaching isn’t always present.