Andoird: Snapchat and Instagram

I am pulling my daughter from her iPhone and giving her an Android since we seem to have better monitoring access on the android. My question is for monitoring on Snap and Insta; do we need their credentials (I know they were required for iPhone)? Secondly, does this monitor pictures sent on Snapchat?


Hi there! Congrats on the new Android-- definitely more coverage and a smart choice. :slight_smile:

You do still need login credentials for emails and also for some socials; If you have already connected these by providing those logins when she was monitored on the iPhone that’s great-- they’ll still be covered no matter from what device she uses them. This is because most accounts are monitored at the account level and not depending on what device she is accessing.

In a nutshell-- on the following link, if it states it is monitored on Androids only, then login credentials are not needed. It is automatically monitored through the installed Bark Kids Android app.

Here are steps for connecting accounts to be monitored.

Here are steps for removing a device in case you need to remove the iPhone from your account.

As detailed in the “What Bark Monitors” link, SnapChat DM text only is monitored on Androids; SnapChat doesn’t have their API open to permit further features monitored, such as the capture of images sent or received. However, if those images are screenshot or saved to the camera roll by your daughter, they would then be analyzed in the regular camera roll analyzing.

I do hope this helps! If ever you need, you can always reach Bark’s team via email to or We’re here for you! :slight_smile:

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