Allow an app during “Bedtime”?

Is there a way to allow specific apps during “bedtime”? My 9 year old really likes the calm app to help her fall back asleep at night but I can’t figure out how to only allow that 1 app in the middle of the night.

Hi @bethwshaw! Bark Community team here … :wave: … With Bark’s parental control management, you are able to set time limits for websites, turn off all internet activity when needed for both WiFi and Cellular (including a weekday/weekend “Bedtime” setting), allow/block apps and websites, allow/block categories of websites, filter explicit search results (including YouTube), and use our check-ins feature to locate your kids. Currently, the ability to allow an app to play outside of the Bedtime setting is not available.

However, we’re always improving and adding new features, and will let our Bark family know of any changes! In the meantime, if you have any questions or need assistance with any settings, please reach out to our Support team any time. We’re here for you and happy to help! >> or

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