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First, I am very, very happy with this service. You’re doing an excellent job! Keep up the good work.

When I receive a list of alerts to review, if I open the top alert there is a button at the end that marks the alert as reviewed and immediately opens the next alert in the list. The trouble is that the top alert is the newest, or most recent alert.

Often times, there is a continuity to the text messages that caused the alerts, so I find it very helpful to scroll to the bottom of the alert list so I can start with the oldest alert and work my way to the newest. The workflow is a bit painful if there are a lot of alerts because if you’re reviewing the oldest, the button marks it as reviewed and returns you to the top of the alert list. So I have to scroll back to the bottom and select the last one again.

In short, I would very much love a way to review my alerts from oldest to newest.

Thank you and have an excellent day!


Hi, Rob! Thank you for reaching out, and we sincerely appreciate your support and trust! :yellow_heart:

I can see how sorting alerts by date or reverse date can be helpful, especially in the scenario that you’ve described. This is currently not an option, however you do have the ability to filter alerts by reviewed, type of alert, child profile, and account or device.

We appreciate your feedback and suggestion, as it is parents like you that help us to develop our product and service with customers’ needs in mind. :slight_smile: I’ll be sure to pass this feedback on to our team for thought with future updates and improvements!

If ever we may help, please don’t hesitate to reach us at We are here for you!


I agree that it would be much more productive to start with the oldest alert first and work toward the newest alert for continuity of text. I would highly suggest the ability to view alerts from oldest to newest.

We’ve been using Bark for a year and half now and I too have often thought it would be helpful to review the alerts in the order they occurred. Not just for the continuity of text messages, as Rob indicated in his post, but other things as well. My daughter pokes around on Pinterest for stuff a lot and sometimes there will be a sequence of alerts all at once. By having them in order, I’d be able to better decipher the ‘order of events’… what sequence of hits got her down this path. It’s just not as intuitive when looking at them in reverse.

As an alternative to sorting, another option that could solve the problem is to provide a “Previous” button. So, then I could scroll down the list of alerts, pick a starting point, and then use the “Previous” button work backwards through the list.

Of course, that could actually be confusing to new users, because I think the natural interpretation of Previous and Next would be chronological. But since the list order is newest first, that would not be the case. Hmmm… another reason to sort the list chronologically, or at least provide the option. :slight_smile:

Thanks for considering!

I did also include a “back” or “previous” button request along with the “oldest to newest” feature to our product team. Thank you for helping users to make Bark more awesome for you all! :slight_smile:

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