Accessibility issues

Hey guys!

My kids have older versions of Android (5.0) for their tablets. Bark works fine on them. However, I keep getting alerts that the accessibility option for Bark has been turned off. I go back into the settings and it is indeed disabled. It happens on both tablets and my kids are not the ones disabling it. Anyone has seen this happened and knows how to fix it? It’s quite annoying as I keep getting dozens of these alerts every day!



Good morning, David! Bark community teammate here! Unfortunately, we’re an “Apple family”, so I don’t have any knowledge on Android devices. Fortunately, our support team is always available to help assist!

Section 1 of this troubleshooting guide has information for the accessibility settings for Android devices:

I also wanted to make a note stating that Bark supports on-the-go Screen Time and Web Filtering on devices with Android version 6.0 or later.

If you would like any assistance, please feel free to reach out to our support team at any time by visiting! Thank you!