About Alerts that are old but show up as new

Hi …first post here … I have had Bark for a few months … but never really took the time to learn all ins and outs… I do like the App but here lately I am getting old Alerts … things that took place a couple of months ago … how can I fix it ? TIA

Hi Simone!

We would love to share more about how our service works!

From your description, it sounds like your child may have an Android device. If so, there may be times when you will receive alerts for older activity if that message is opened again.

This is because the Bark for Kids app on their phone will capture it as it is opened on the device. So for example, if an old message or DM chat is opened or accessed in an app we monitor, the activity will be captured again to ensure any additions or continuations of conversation are picked up!

We hope this is helpful! Please feel free to message our dedicated support team at help@bark.us or Bark.us/contact with any questions - we’re here for you!

Kind regards,
Leslie R.
Online Community Manager

Sorry to barge in on your post, but I’m new to this. I can’t find how to post a question on this community support. Could someone point the way please? Thanks!

Welcome @khodge8520 :slight_smile:

To discuss parenting topics, you can sort through Categories and choose an existing Topic, or create a New Topic in the upper right corner.

If you are needing help with your Bark account or any technical support, please connect with Bark’s support team at bark.us/contact. Thanks!

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