A way to monitor what time the phone is being used without alerts

Is there a way to monitor what time the phone is being used. Without having alerts. Alerts tell me what time the alert occured. But I would like to know what time and how many hours my daughter has been on the phone. I think she is having sleeping issues because she is using her phone in the middle of the night. She uses her phone for music and didnt want to take the phone at night because of this.She is 16 and has some mental health issues which music helps. Would like concrete evidence of her phone use at night. She is good at going around the things bark monitors. The concrete evidence would illuminate excuses that it wasn’t her. Makeschatting about the issue easier.
Thank you.

Hi @Rebecca_Maxwell1! Bark team here … :wave: … Great question! Currently, Bark does not offer the ability to track app time limits, although we hope to continue to add more features in the future; so stay tuned! However, Bark does pair well with Google Family Link and Apple Screen Time. These should help you get either of these set up:

How To Set Up Google Family Link Parental Controls:

How To Set Up Apple Screen Time Parental Controls:

Hope that helps! Reach out if you have any questions. We’re here for you! >> help@bark.us

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Hey Rebecca, my kids aren’t permitted to have their phones in their rooms. Instead we use Spotify on our Google Home Mini speakers in their rooms.

At night they can say “Hey Google, goodnight” and it automatically does a few steps.

It could just be as simple as "Hey Google, play ‘Playlist name’ on Spotify.

This has kept the kids off their screens while still having their music available. My sister got a Google Home Mini for her son who has sleeping issues. He can have it play soothing bedtime sounds at any time in the night to help him go back to bed.

Hope this helps!

Depending on the phone you should be able to set the parental settings right on the phone itself. My son has an iphone & it allows is to block everything during his sleep hours. So you can set specific hours for “down time” & choose what you want her to have access to. The only thing you can’t completely block is phone calls. (I’m assuming that is so you can always call 911 if necessary.) But you can set it so she could only make & receive calls from specific contacts like just yourself. Then just choose to allow music & you’re all set. You can also set time limits for specific apps for each day & see the usage time each day right from the phone. I’m not sure about Android phones, but if it’s not directly on the phone itself you can probably download a parental setting app and do the same things.

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If you have iPhones then Apple Family Screentime is an awesome tool for controlling many of the aspects of an iPhone, even controls contacts so our boys can’t arbitrarily add whoever they want. The Screentime on he iPhone itself doesn’t have the amount of control you get with the family version. The family screentime is controlled by the parents iPhone and the kids send requests for you to approve. It’s a great addition to our arsenal and Bark.

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Yes! If it’s an iPhone - set the screen time :slight_smile:
You can allow the use of music during ‘down time’ you could allow a meditation app too! I love simple habit.

Good luck!

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Don’t forget about your mobile service provider too. They have come a long way with apps that you can look up and get usage data on the spot.