A Letter From Our CTO: Does Bark Home Slow Down My Internet?

Originally published at: https://www.bark.us/blog/bark-home-speed-explanation/

I’m Brandon Hilkert, dad of two and Chief Technology Officer here at Bark. I’ve noticed some misconceptions and rumors online about how Bark Home slows down internet speeds, and I wanted to address them directly. I use Bark Home to help protect my own kids (6 and 8) and haven’t experienced a noticeable impact on my family’s internet speeds. Like most families, our TVs all stream Netflix and Hulu, and my wife and I are on Zoom calls for much of the day. Bark Home will affect one small portion of your internet’s speed — namely, upload capability. I’ll…


I work from home and notice the difference in the internet only when it states it is uploading data to bark. Once the upload of the scan of the devices is complete, my internet works fine. This is for just a minimal amount of time. If you have a fast internet, the upload to bark is quick.

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