A good age for tik-tok

Tik-Tok for a 10 yr old? I’ve seen some that aren’t terrible while others I don’t even like hearing the words!

No tik-tok for my 10 year old! This is no different than social media. It’s so self focused and look-at-me. I worry it doesn’t provide any added value. I’ve actually said if she wants to make quality videos, I will help begin to think about formulating story and editing but this see-how-cool-I-am tik-tok seems like a watching train wreck in the making.

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I’m one of those that would say Tik-Tok is never appropriate, honestly. I personally lean towards only using texts, emails or Google Hangouts for interaction between my child and friends and limit it to people she has met face to face. I’ll likely come off as over-protective and I’m OK with that. I do what I can to accommodate any reasonable request my child has, like recently she got an Instagram account (we had a long discussion about that, no pictures of her, no direct messages, etc) so she could post pictures of things she liked and re-connect with a friend she moved away from.

Here’s an article Bark posted a while ago about Tik-Tok, by the by. It talks about the predator problem on there. https://www.bark.us/blog/predators-use-tiktok-kids/

I would say high school age since it’s high schoolers and young adults making the videos. You have to watch to see for yourself, but many are pretty inappropriate. Not just the way they dress, but reinacting peeing on another sexually.