20 year old woman sexting my 13 year old son on Snapchat

"OMG! Guys, I am so furious and beside myself! Something didn’t seem right tonight when my son asked for more time on Snapchat which he hasn’t been on in probably a year. So when he was showering I looked at his Snapchat and found a new contact and read through the messages. This “woman” has been chatting with him only since yesterday. She quickly began sending him vulgar messages. He said he didn’t even read them. He says she was in a group competition on overwatch last night and after her “friends” left the competition she was talking to him by himself. That’s when she asked for his Snapchat. He understands how upset/livid I am. He has apologized. And it’s not his fault this bitch is going after children. He’s 13. He said she sounds to be in her early 20s. I took pics of the message she sent him. And I took it upon myself to send her a snap. Definitely not the most ladylike I have ever been but he’s my only child and I am not playing around. I watched him block her on PlayStation and delete Snapchat. Snapchat will now be blocked so he cannot add it again. I am livid! I am however, glad I found this so quickly. I am glad I know my son so well that I can tell when he’s acting out of character.

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" Report so other children and parents might not have to have the same experience.

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