16 year old daughter broke curfew and didn't come home until 10pm the next day

“I need advice, and this is going to be long! My 16 yr old daughter’s curfew is 9pm. She asked if friend could spend the night, and they all went to the river with a friend I’ve never even heard of without asking permission. One hour past curfew I frantically start calling my daughter, and the mom of the girl who was staying at my house to see if she had heard from them. Long story short, the girls never came home. Both our families were awake worrying all night, trying to reach the girls, checking social media, contacting their other friends, listening to police scanners, etc. Neither girl would answer calls or texts. The friend arrived at her house at 1pm. My daughter finally called around 3:45. I told her to come home immediately or tell me where she was and I would come get her. She basically said no, you can’t make me, I’m safe and that’s all you need to know, before hanging up on me. She didn’t come home until 10pm tonight. I told her that because she isn’t making safe, wise choices I would be enforcing limits to include taking her phone at 9pm each night and going through it. She laughed and said theres no way that’s going to happen. When I told her to hand over her phone she said she left it with her friends. So I’ve disabled all calls, texts, and data making it useless, and changed our wifi password. What else can I do? She’s wilfully disobedient and completely unrepentant. I’m not sure where to go from here.”

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